Fast, Convenient Service!

If you create your worksheets and tests or forms on the computer, print out a copy on your local printer, and make copies from that original on your local copy machine, you know how much time is involved in this process. As all teachers know, time in our business is at a premium. The print shop offers a new way for you to save time, labor, and money.

Why should I send my order electronically?

We want to help you save time and money. (Check out our savings here.) By sending the order electronically, the order is delivered as soon as you send it. The sooner it gets to us the sooner we can get your order back to you. Additionally, by sending the order electronically, we print out your original copy, ensuring compatibility with our optical platemaking equipment.

It's Easy!

Once you have created your document, all you have to do is submit the order using our on-line ordering tracking system. You can access the login page here.

Additional instructions are available in PDF format here.Get Adobe Reader

Please call or e-mail us if you have any difficulty utilizing the on-line ordering section of our website.