The Printing Process

You send us your order, and soon the finished order is sent back to you. How was it done?

When we get your order, we look at the order form to find out how many copies you want, what color of paper you'd like, and all other pertinent information. At this point we order any special paper or ink needed to complete your order.

The order is placed by the customer utilizing the on-line ordering system, which allows the customer to track the order's progress. Once we receive your order and the originals (either hard copy or electronic file) we place your order into the production schedule.

Depending on the order specifications and the number of copies needed, we will choose to either use our high speed photocopiers or one of our presses to produce the order. Orders with short runs will be photocopied; longer runs generally go on the press.

Once the printing or copying is complete, the order goes to the bindery department. In the bindery we collate, fold, staple, drill, cut, number or glue the sheets of paper, depending on the order specifications. Our bindery staff performs a quality control check before the order is shipped.

The job is then shrink-wrapped or boxed and sent through the district courier for delivery.

The job order is billed and it is marked as shipped in the database.